17 april 2017 Wimfgame returns to the front of the indie scene.

A new version of the game engine has been available for a few days. So I adapted the game to this version and found a significant improvement in the game. More fluid, more stable, increased accounting, big improvements on animations and character shifting, and many others too long to listed.

It is already no less than 37 bugs that I corrected in the game. It is a real pleasure to be able to work now with a stable software that saves me a lot of time and where I can announce a guarantee of quality some Or the computer on which the game will be played.

All these past months have also allowed me to improve a lot and add some interaction in the game.

Follow the site or my Twitter, soon images of the new version.

For people who have received the old version and those who are waiting, contact me, the new version will soon be in place, but it is still too early to set a specific date.

More information soon.



Help Ben to find his missing family and discover the reason of the kidnapping in a fascinating adventure. Meet several any characters and find solutions to puzzles throughout the adventure.

Where is my family, an adventure game designed by and for passionate people..

A scenario that offers many surprises and you will spend many hours discovering the story of a little clumsy kid trying to find his missing parents. His whimsical character will not make his life easier…

Improved animations and natural movements in the final version.

The voices of the French in full characters! The game havesubtitles French and English.

Although the scenario seems tragic, the game contains no violence, and is for all ages. the script contains a lot of humor and is “safe” to do no shock people and to allow everyone to have fun for many hours. guaranteed game without violence!

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